Thursday, September 18, 2014

Everything You Need to Know: Debt Liquidation Products

Debt liquidation is the process of selling off various assets in order to pay your creditors any money owed them. Most of the time, this is done when a business closes its doors and needs to satisfy its outstanding debt. More often than not, a business involved in debt liquidation has also declared bankruptcy, making the process even trickier to navigate alone. When this is the case, professional guidance from experts who understand the process and can provide advice along the way is crucial to make sure everything goes smoothly. For those seeking professional assistance, the experts to have by your side are Cane Bay Partners.

Having debt managed by experts has been shown time and time again to be the best course of action. Debt can often be reduced to a fraction of what is actually owed, making the process far easier to deal with. Cane Bay Partners are skilled in the debt liquidation process, making sure all areas are thoroughly analyzed and a plan of action put into place as early as possible to ensure everything goes smoothly. This can allow for debt to be consolidated and resolved as soon as possible, leading to solutions that are satisfactory for everyone involved.

Having years of experience in analyzing international markets, Cane Bay Partners is also able to guide a business through new product development, with one aspect of that being debt liquidation products. By evaluating the competitive landscape as well as the regulatory requirements and environment, Cane Bay Partners can put their management consulting skills to work and advise our clients on the best approach to take. By helping our clients better serve their respective customers, we are able to do extensive market and product analysis to let our clients know which products will serve them best.

Working with Cane Bay Partners allows a company to better understand how debt liquidation products can be put to best use, making sure their interests are protected while getting professional support and advice they can trust. Cane Bay Partners understands the needs of each one of our clients, which makes us an industry leader in developing the right debt liquidation products for our clients. When you and your company are in need of the best debt liquidation products, Cane Bay Partners is here to help. By focusing on the needs of our clients first, we provide peace-of-mind as well as expert guidance.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Collections Modeling

Most of the time when a business provides a service to customers, there is no problem in getting paid. However, there are times when for one reason or another a customer fails to pay their bill. Upon repeated attempts by the business to collect, the bill is eventually sent to a collections agency. What many businesses need in today's difficult economic conditions is a way of knowing which customers are likely to default, which ones are collectible and at what point their accounts should be turned over to collections. Understanding these points is referred to as Collections Modeling, and nobody helps businesses more with this than Cane Bay Partners.

Using the models Cane Bay Partners can provide based on our many years of research and working with businesses around the world, our clients are able to gain a much better understanding of their customers. Through our Collections Modeling, which has proven to be highly accurate over many years, our clients can better predict which of their customers is more likely to default on payments. Likewise, they can also decide which ones are just as likely to repay based on information gathered from our multi-variant analysis of the default data given to us for examination.

In addition to helping clients decide which customers are more likely to repay than others, our analysis also helps them decide which accounts are considered to be more collectible and should be pursued by the business itself rather than sold off to collection agencies. For those accounts that do need to be sent to collections, our Collections Modeling analysis can help them reach conclusions as to which ones should be sold and at what number of days within the delinquency cycle. When it comes time to sell the accounts, our data can also help advise them as to the sale price for each account.

While delinquent accounts can be frustrating and take valuable time away from the other needs of a business, our Collections Modeling process can give a business sound advice that has been proven to work over the years. It is our mission here at Cane Bay Partners to make sure our clients are provided with information that will help them achieve the results they need when they need them. Based on our results with client worldwide, a business can be sure when doing business with us they are doing business with the best.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

David Johnson of Cane Bay Partners

David Johnson is an innovative and visionary leader in marketing, technology, and risk management. He holds multiple degrees including an MBA from Georgia State University and has over 20 years of businessexperience with industry-leading companies across diverse verticals.